Sunday, 20 June 2010

IPhoto Script to Remove Missing Photos

For some reason when you try to open photos you get a big exclamation mark! This seems to happen when the actual photo is missing. Perhaps it has been deleted through the file system or perhaps iPhoto is confused or perhaps because iPhoto crashed during some operation. Who knows.

I wrote this script to find these 'photos' and to move them to the trash.

tell application "iPhoto"
  set curPhotos to selection
  if (count of curPhotos) 0 then
    display alert "You need to select the photos you want me to process."
    set countPhotos to count of items in curPhotos
    repeat with i from 1 to countPhotos
      set thisPhoto to item i of curPhotos
        set t to info for (image path of thisPhoto as POSIX file)
      on error eStr number eNum partial result rList from badObj to expectedType
        log eStr
        select thisPhoto
        remove thisPhoto
      end try
    end repeat
  end if
end tell

Open Script Editor,  cut and paste the above script into the editor, Compile it to check for errors, and save it to a file - perhaps on your desktop but anywhere is fine.

To run it, open iPhoto, select the Photos Library, Select all photos you want to process (Edit - Select All is what I usually do), and then switch back to the Script Editor and press Run.

When it finishes you may have some missing photos in your trash. You can decide what to do with them at this point - I just empty the trash.

If you use it, write a short comment about whether it was helpful or not or whether it worked or not. If you improve the script, let me know as well.