Saturday, 23 February 2013

Howto Telnet into Netgear DG834GVv1

This probably works for any Netgear DG834*

Your default router IP address is unless you have changed it.

Start Telnet Daemon

You may now telnet to your router's IP address.

eg. telnet

NB: This may enable telnet access from any Internet host.
In my case on a DG834GV v1, I could not connect to my router over Internet.

To run any installed program, use this general form.
It will launch program and redirect output to ppp_log.

General Form

View ppp_log

Read a File

eg. to read /etc/hosts

Ignore Ping error message and read ppp_log:

Stop Telnet Daemon

From telnet session


Find PID (first number) for utelnetd daemon


You should see a message on your console like "Connection closed by foreign host.

Via browser

Ensure you can no longer login into your router.