Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal on MacBook Pro 8,1

Quick Notes

  1. Used this live DVD
  2. Hold 'option' key when restarting or turning on
  3. Select 'windows' CD/DVD (wait a while for Mac EFI to 'see' CD/DVD)
  4. I tried both 'install beside OS-X' and custom (to make a separate home partition)
  5. No wireless after install. Not sure what exactly worked but I updated and installed these packages and rebooted:
  • b43-fwcutter
  • linux-firmware
  • linux-firmware-nonfree
  • firmware-b43-lpphy-installer

EFI Stuff

Later I did this:
  • Uninstalled grub-pc, grub-pc-bin etc. and installed grub-efi
No need for rEFIt or rEFInd unless you want them.

I'd use rEFInd now and ignore rEFIt.

What works

  • Right speaker
  • Wireless
  • Ethernet
  • Keyboard backlight, F5/F6 keys, and OSD
  • Display brightness, F1/F2 keys, and OSD
  • Volume control, F10/F11/F12 keys, and OSD
  • Lid close and sleep
  • Lid open and wake
  • Display (using i915 I think)
  • Touchpad

What does not work

  • Left speaker is soft
  • Bluetooth