Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Light Wells

There is some construction work taking place on and under the ramp at Sydney Terminal Station. The work is, I am told, to refurbish rooms under the ramp for the Railway fire department.

Work above these rooms on the ramp revealed Light Wells that had been covered for years - probably over 80 years. These Light Wells consist of a metal frame filled with blocks of coloured glass which allow light to pass through into the rear of the voids under the ramp.

Some are square and others round.

Unfortunately I was too slow to get photos from above before they were covered up.

The work included the removal of the road and foot-path surface, excavation, water-proofing of the ceiling to the Light Wells, and the replacement of the footpath and road surface.

The Light Wells were covered with concrete and once again hidden from view.

Old photos of the ramp don't seem to show the Light Wells so they have been dark for a long time.

Other photos can be found here.

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