Friday, 21 January 2011

Mac to Linux: Ubuntu is better than good enough.

When I purchased my first Mac in 2005, my intention was to get some good hardware, avoid any Microsoft tax and run Linux.

The closest I came was Ubuntu 9.04 in 2009, but I was tied to iTunes for my Ipod Touch and a little stuck with iPhoto.

I tried again in 2010 but I could not get Ubuntu 10.04 working well enough.

More recently I purchased a Nexus One Android phone and gave away the iPod. To do this I had to divorce iTunes. This turned out to be easy. I hardly needed any apps or games and I never purchased any music. So all I had to do was copy music files from the iTunes directory into the Nexus One.

A good friend (who is really my beta tester for... well... everything) got Ubuntu 10.10 working nicely on his Mac and I quickly tagged along. I have not run OSX for 2 weeks now and I don't miss it.

Ubuntu is better than good enough.

Here is his How-To.

I am now moving my iPhoto pictures to Picasa and onto the web using 20GB of Google storage for $5/year. Then I'll clean up my files on OSX and do something else with the partition. I still have another small OSX partition to allow me to upgrade any Apple firmware and to check hardware such as the battery. It also means I have OSX should I need it.

I wonder if OSX will run under VirtualBox?

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