Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Hey Google! I want a Google Ark!

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An appliance running Android or Chrome OS that I buy and plug-in to my network that makes a copy of any data I want to duplicate from the cloud:

email, contact, docs, pictures, movies, bookmarks, blogs, waves... you get the idea.

It might have 2 solid-state hard drives so I can mirror them and, at some later point in time, I can replace one with a bigger one and then the other to grow my local cache.

It could also operate as a web/DNS cache for all computers, phones and Chrome OS googleBooks - why get it from the web if I got it yesterday or last year?

It could come in various sizes for homes, hoarders, small and large businesses.

It supports apps too so that anyone can develop for it, especially other cloud backup apps. Perhaps a Cannon camera photo management app, or a Digital Ink notepad app. What about a Wordpress backup app or a local bazaar repository. Maybe a Windows system backup app or a Time Machine folder.

It would be very low power and quickly go to sleep when not in use.

It might have a place for hardware apps (via USB perhaps) so that I could plug-in a LTE Femto cell, web printer, or a weather station.

If you lost my email, you could recover it.

If I dropped my laptop I could restore it from the Ark.

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