Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Replacing Ford NL Fairlane Power Steering Nut

Based on advice from fordmods, I purchased a BA 3F656B Nut from Ford. $17.

It looks like this one from ebay:

My original one looks very different - like this one:

I cut two grooves on opposite sides into my old nut using a ruby cutting blade and a Dremel.

I cut carefully using nut's internal rubber seal groove as a guide. Once I cut into this groove, I stopped cutting. I didn't cut deep enough to reach the other groove.

With a length of hardwood resting on concrete floor and cut to length, we used a cold chisel to crack nut in half. We were chiselling on hex part rather than on thread.

After a few hits it split.

My original nut had a small white nylon seal. New nut did not have anything like that so I installed a thin rubber o-ring - couldn't hurt I reasoned.

New nut just slides on to hose and clicks in place.

This is my new nut installed. The blue 'cape' is used to keep drips away from alternator.

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